About our company

There is a lot that you need to know before you place orders for medicines online and here with us, you can find all those requirements, characteristics and features listed on our website for the ease and comfort of the customers. Though we also belong to this group of online pharmacy services, we felt the need to present these details to all the customers which will not only help our customers but also the customers of the other service providers who will have proper take-always and learnings about a reliable service provider. All these we have gathered and are presenting to you with the only intention of making you aware of how safe and cautious you need to be when comes to buying medicines online because this is something related to the healthy living of a person and hence follow us and we would in turn promise to follow you by delivering the orders placed with us.

We are open 24/7 and there are also delivery agents always ready to take up orders at any time of the day because for us it is our customers who come first and hence we take all efforts to deliver the medicines on time even during critical climatic and weather conditions. We also have a tracking system through which the customer will be able to track his order and we also take the responsibility of informing our customers in case of any contingencies.

We take orders from our customers on prescriptions submitted by them. This is a must for patients who are under prolonged medication for some specific health issues and we make it a point to request a prescription every time they place an order with us. Apart from this we also deliver over the counter medicines for some common problems like fever, throat infection etc… For any kind of service, the delivery is made free to you. So make a registration today and be a benefactor of our services.

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