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Why More And More Women Are Seeking For Breast Lift

A breast lift is a plastic surgery procedure that tightens the tissues making up the breast. In addition, it does away with excess and unnecessary skin in order to make them look more full and contoured. The breast lift is also referred to as a mastopexy. It is a process that is recognized by the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and closely monitored by the Australian Medical Council.


It is one of life’s inevitable and foregone conclusions: as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, that a woman’s breasts lose their youthful perkiness and shape. Yes there are some natural things a woman can do to keep the rate at which this happens in firm control, but this is bound to inevitably and slowly happen.

Why Women Seek Breast Lift, Sydney

These are the reasons why a woman’s breast profile may significantly sag and droop; pushing her to seek breast lift surgery:

1.      Advancing Age

With old age comes a slower metabolism which leads to an increased tendency to put on weight. Skin also loses its natural elasticity over time.

2.      Forces of Gravity

Of all the known factors, this is the one over which you have least control over, and possibly contributes most to the sag and droop you experience.

3.      Pregnancy and Breast feeding

Sagging breasts due to pregnancy are a direct result of the weight gained by the mother during her term and the weight loss after delivery that is sure to follow. This is in addition to the production of milk with which to nourish the baby. This takes a toll on the surrounding breast tissue and skin.

It is also argued that a toddler constantly suckling at his or her mother’s bosom will lead to stretching of the skin and tissue which may cause it lose some elasticity.


4.      Weight Fluctuations

Marked and drastic weight fluctuations maybe due to illness or an unhealthy lifestyle will take a toll on a woman’s breasts, particularly the constant depositing and loss of fat around the breast tissue. It will mean that the skin is constantly expanding and contracting. This can also lead to some very unsightly stretch marks.

5.      Hereditary Factors

If most of the women you are related to seem to have developed this problem, then you should bear in mind that sooner or later, that is the most likely conclusion for you as well no matter what else you change in your lifestyle.

How Breast Lift Helps Cancer Survivors

First things first, a breast lift cannot cause cancer; neither is there any conclusive research to prove otherwise. However, for those women who have fought valiantly against breast cancer and come out on top, a breast lift is just the thing to restore the body to its original or an even better physique.

Chemotherapy and surgical procedures to remove the tumours have a negative effect on the overall appearance of the breasts. It is sure to cause scarring and partially damage even healthy breast tissue. For this reason, a breast lift will restore their natural form and give a woman back her confidence in her body.

All surgeons that are qualified to perform the breast lift are registered with the National Registration and Accreditation of Health Professionals body established in 2006 by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG).

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